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OCD Superhero Sanitizes Handshakes with 'Handy Down' Gadget

In a world filled with germs, filth, and unclean hands, one OCD resident, Adrian Scrubs, has taken matters into his own hands—quite literally. Adrian's epiphany struck on a fateful afternoon after overhearing a colleague engage in an aggressive bathroom performance, only to exit without washing his hands. The horror of the situation left Adrian unable to look his coworker in the eyes ever again.

"It was truly appalling," Adrian lamented. "How can humans have devolved into such disgusting creatures that they can't spare a few measly minutes to wash their hands? That stall sounded like a construction site, for goodness' sake. Even if he had washed his hands, I doubt they'd ever recover from that kind of trauma. That's when it hit me: I can't rely on others to be responsible. I need to take matters into my own hands, for the sake of my hands."

Thus, the ingenious "Handy Down" was born. Drawing inspiration from Spider-Man comics, this clever device is designed to ensure that any hands Adrian encounters are sanitized before making contact. The Handy Down is operated by pressing a trigger, which releases a stream of ultra-strength hand sanitizer aimed at the unsuspecting germ offender. But Adrian didn't stop there.

To guarantee a thorough cleansing, the Handy Down is also equipped with a black light that reveals any lingering filth. If the black light scan produces no glowing spots, the user can rest assured that the target's hands are clean and that they're not shaking hands with a walking petri dish.

Though Adrian currently possesses the only prototype, demand for the Handy Down has skyrocketed. Thanks to this overwhelming interest, Adrian's germ-fighting gadget will be marketed to the masses in the coming months, empowering countless individuals to navigate a filthy world with confidence and cleanliness.


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