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Rapple Engineers Redefine Innovation by Reinventing the Identical

At Rapple Headquarters, top engineers gathered to brainstorm a groundbreaking phone design that would leave the public in awe. After days of intense deliberation, they stumbled upon a startling revelation: all the designs presented looked strikingly similar to their current models. The engineers, all suspiciously identical with blond hair and blue eyes, triumphantly concluded that Rapple's existing design was the pinnacle of perfection, and any deviation from it was an affront to aesthetic sensibilities.

In the past, they had encountered radical design proposals that dared to challenge the status quo. However, these were swiftly dismissed as heretical, and the blasphemous engineers responsible were unceremoniously expelled from the Rapple cult. Their visionary ideas met a brutal end in the "chop box," where the dreams of a thousand innovative designs were shredded into oblivion.

"I remember presenting my 3D printed phone model to the chief engineers, expecting praise and accolades," recalled one ousted engineer. "But my optimism was short-lived. They confiscated my design immediately, hurling creative obscenities as they went. With a sense of ritualistic sacrifice, they fed my design to the merciless 'chop box.' I listened to its electronic screams, watching the shattered remains of plastic, glass, capacitors, and resistors fly through the air. Moments later, I was fired. Next time, I'll know better than to commit the ultimate sin of moving the sacred Rapple logo."

In this brave new world where the pinnacle of innovation lies in replicating past successes, Rapple engineers have successfully redefined the very meaning of progress. The public eagerly awaits the unveiling of Rapple's next groundbreaking phone design, which will undoubtedly look uncannily familiar.


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