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Road Map (Possible)

Hey Internet!  I started this website because it has been sitting in my "Failed Dreams" folder for quite a long time (I got tired of it growing...), and I have a lot of word documents written, many in psuedo rough draft form, that I just wanted to put out there!  Currently this is going to be something I post from time to time on, but if it ever gains traction (share share share!) then it will be time to grow it!  I want to make videos to accompany all of my stories, I think that would be a lot of fun, but that requires people who know video editing, and have a face that is meant for a camera.  In either case, here are my "dream" items for if this gains traction:

 -- Video Content

 -- Merch Store

 -- High On Caffeine Games (Card games, board games)

 -- Comic Series 

 -- A Coffee Shop

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