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A Little Too Tasty

BRAINERD, Minnesota - Samantha McGee couldn't put down her hand blender and laptop, ignoring the pleas of friends and family. Samantha's life recently became consumed by Tasty, a social media site dedicated to food. "Every hour, my alarm goes off, and it's time to check for a new recipe! If I'm lucky, there won't be anything new, and I can sleep or order another 10-pound bag of sugar!" she exclaimed.

Samantha's obsession led her to focus solely on food blogs and liking posts featuring her favorite baked goods. She admitted during an interview, "To keep up with every Tasty video, I have to work double-time. Exercise is out, family issues come after cooking, and I need a reliable internet connection at all times. The last time I lost internet, I had time to reflect on my life decisions... I never want that again."

Her children's requests for food irked her, as they would say things like, "Mom, I need to go to school," "Mom, who is that girl that Daddy is lying in bed with," and "Mom, can I have something to eat?" Samantha expressed her disappointment with her ungrateful children while listing her recent culinary accomplishments.

Unfortunately, her obsession took a dangerous turn. The Chocolate Cookie Crust Peanut Butter Pie was Samantha's breaking point. The massive amount of sugar in the pie, combined with her habit of taste-testing everything she made, led her into a temporary diabetic sugar coma, lasting three days.

Upon waking, Samantha shared her revelation, "It took this hospitalization for me to realize that with the cute little cupcakes I was baking, I forgot to add the little yellow candy snowflakes to give it that final aesthetically pleasing touch. The moment I get back to the kitchen, that's the first thing I'll do."


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